tisdag 15 maj 2012

Afghanistan - Girl power

En dokumentärfilm från ABC News om kvinnornas situation i Afghanistan. Filmen sändes nyligen även av Al Jazeera

"Jag tror att när du är född kvinna i Afghanistan får du lära dig varje dag att hata dig själv. Vi vet inte hur man ska respektera kvinnor, varken män eller kvinnor, ingen vet det, inte ens kvinnorna respekterar sig själva." Noorjahan Akbar, kvinnorättsaktivist i Kabul, Afghanistan.

Uppdaterad 2012-05-18:

Al Jazeera 17 maj

We have taken this edition of People & Power down from our website in response to a request from one of its central characters, Noorjahan Akbar. Following its broadcast on Al Jazeera she received threats from people objecting to her efforts to improve the human rights of women in Afghanistan. As viewers who have already seen the film will know, Noorjahan is a courageous young woman who has been campaigning imaginatively to advance gender equality in her country, where many women still routinely endure misogyny, prejudice, discrimination and violence. However we do not wish to add to the risks she faces and so out of respect for her wishes and in the interests of her safety we are suspending the screening facility that viewers would normally be able to access on this page. We will be monitoring the situation in the hope that it improves and we can restore normal service.

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