söndag 6 mars 2011

6 mars - Ghanas självständighetsdag

Lord Kitchener sjunger Birth of Ghana

This day will never be forgotten
The sixth day of March, 1957
When the Gold Coast successfully
got their independence officially

Ghana, Ghana is the name
Ghana, we wish to proclaim
We will be jolly, merry and gay
The sixth day of March, Independence Day

Dr Nkruma went out his way
To make the Gold Coast what it is today
He endeavored continually
To bring us freedom and liberty

The doctor began as agitator
He became popular leader
He continued to go further
And now he is Ghana's prime minister

The national flag is a lovely scene
With beautiful colors red, gold and green
And a black star in the center
Representing the freedom of Africa

Congratulations from Haille Sallaise
Was proudly received by everybody
He particularly comment
On the Doctor's move to self-government.

3 kommentarer:

Habiba sa...

Grattis till Ghana! Svarten, såg du Youssou N'Dour uppträda i lördags? :) Han var fantastisk!!

Svarten sa...


Nä, jag såg honom inte i lördags. Men jag har sett honom vid flera tidigare tillfällen: http://tinyurl.com/67usu96

Habiba sa...

Åhh vad kul! Jag hoppas få se honom åtminstone en gång till! :)